Our goal is to develop and nurture a relationship between art collector and antiquity. We only recommend that a client acquire a work of art that they feel strongly about. Like many of the collectors we advise, we see our role as temporary guardians of a small part of the world’s important cultural and artistic heritage. Each antiquity is personally selected for its intrinsic beauty, aesthetic value, and historical importance. Like our clients, we, too, are collectors and we are pleased to bring that same personal interest and passion to our work at Electrum art gallery.

Electrum art gallery offers stunning antiquities, which represent more than 7,000 years of human creativity, from the Neolithic Period of the 6th millennium B.C. through the 14th century A.D. With specialities in ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine worlds and cultures in Mesopotamia, the Near East, Egypt, Europe, the Balkans, Eurasia and the Steppes.